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Short Stories

God Complex Read now on Amazon!

Devin has been having some truly bizarre dreams. He's trying to get through the last few weeks of high school so he can put it behind him and start living his normal, boring adult life. But, as his dreams get increasingly intense, he discovers he is anything but normal. An 8,000 word short.

From the Pool Read now FREE!

An 800 word stream of consciousness experimental work exploring the culture of extreme violence and quick tempers in modern society.

Fiberoptic Lament Read now FREE!

This disturbing, 1400 word, first-person tirade glimpses inside the mind of a long-distance telephone operator, and will leave you asking, “Who is on the other end of the line? And do they have my address?”

Monster Season Coming Soon to Amazon Kindle!

A hunter seeks revenge on the vicious beasts who slaughtered his family in cold blood. Alone in the world, having lost everything that ever mattered, he expertly tracks his prey in a single-minded quest for the blood of his natural enemy.

Boiling Point Coming Soon to Amazon Kindle!

A man in a loveless, unhappy marriage tries to keep his cool through a barrage of endless verbal assault.

Dawn Coming Soon to Amazon Kindle!

A nurse on her way home from work after a grueling shift on E.R. duty takes a chance on a sick stranger. She takes him home and nurses him back to health on her own time.

The Swap Coming Soon to Amazon Kindle!

Jess and her husband, Stan, meet up with another couple for a night of taboo trading fun. But somewhere along the line, wires got crossed, and Jess is in for more than she bargained for.

The Love That Refused to Die Coming Soon to Amazon Kindle!

A man refuses to give up on his estranged wife. Convinced she will return to him at any moment, he keeps his house, his life, and his heart open to her inevitable return.

Ritual Coming Soon to Amazon Kindle!

A man refuses to accept the death of his lover, and calls on ancient forces to correct what he knows was a mistake in their timeline.

Desmond's Funeral Coming Soon to Amazon Kindle!

A group of friends decide whether or not to keep the bizarre promise they made following Desmond's untimely and unexpected death.